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Dec 3, 2012 3:00am EST
with energy and passion and love. you feel this when you see this ring i love the design is so unique and feminine. the item number 930- 931 and the price $169.90. >>host: for flex payments for the beautiful white diamond art deco pinnacle brace that that was a place for over $1,000. you can pick this up today for payments and we do have two sizes is that available? if 2 sizes available, the 7 in. the most limited we do have about 30 of 7 in. and about 60 and the six and three quarter inch, it an antique looking art deco and it is precious delicate, remember that your diamonds can be worn every 099-603 assure item number on that. also available, matching ring and we're calling3 circles. blue and white diamonds again, this is the first time, low price and this looks like a rosebud.$95 off today we're offering 3 flexible payments and this is an insane $129.90 and these are reared the diamonds, very special ring, i think it looks like 8 rosebud it and we're calling it the circles ring but however you want to interpret it, this is the lowest price ever so take it vantage of that, do not
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1